F. this siht

Screw it.
Screw life.

Fuck this country.
Fuck the government.
Fuck these rat-ass bastards who don’t give a shit about us.

Fuck this life.
Fuck our jobs.
Fuck the economy.
Fuck our line managers and their insecurities.
Fuck the men in this world who make women insecure because of their own insecurities.
Fuck the women in this world who only know ’empowerment’ to be stripping naked or sleeping around.

Fuck the friends who stab you in the back, then smile at you from the front, and embrace you with arms wide open, only to twist the dagger in your back so that the bleeding doesn’t stop.
Fuck the friends who leave you in your hardest moments, so that you don’t ever feel safe with anyone ever again.
Fuck the people who make promises to you and never keep them, who tell you something and spend so much time ensuring it, and then… just leave you in the dark, so that you can never trust again, never believe anyone again, and never believe you’re worth it.

Fuck the artists and the musicians, who’ve sold their souls to become sell-outs and not worry about their art anymore.
Fuck the educationists who think that good schooling is about making money, and not about quality education.
Fuck the teachers who don’t know what to teach or how to teach it.
Fuck the medical sector and their exploitation of the weak and sick and the needy and those in pain, because who gives a fuck about their money when they’re sick, and they know that and they give a fuck about your money, so FUCK them twice over.

Fuck student societies and their fucking politics and their fucking nonsensical bullshit and their faltered grandiose notions about changing the world when their real agenda items are just getting fucking wasted.

Fuck these elitist bastards who think they’re all that just because they were born with a golden spoon in their mouth and being rich is all they’ve ever known.

Fuck the people who disguise themselves as beggars and rip you off, or disguise themselves as beggars and then kidnap little children and drug them, or who don’t need money but just need the regular hit of heroin because that’s all they fucking know.

Fuck the law enforcement people who take bribes and are corrupt and don’t give a shit about justice but only about their own self interests.
Fuck the police, who can’t watch out for the bad guys because clearly they can’t even watch out for their weight.
Fuck the politicians and the media, who divide our nation into twos and threes and fours and millions only to get them to fight against each other, so that they can profit off of their misery.

Fuck the big corporations and their marketing gimmicks and their lack of social responsibility and Fuck the charitable who do charity just because they want to show off how much money they’re giving away or who want pictures with desolate souls because they want to appear as angels.

Fuck the motherfuckers who think that rape is okay, that molestation is fine and that harassment is just how it should be. Fuck them to hell and then beyond, into the devil’s own personal fucking pit of fire and I hope the fire rapes, molests and harasses them and they then understand what that feels like.

Fuck the academics who don’t do research for objective reasons, but for an agenda, for the person who pays them the most – the highest bidder; fuck their research and fuck their arguments. Fuck the lawyers who defend these sick, twisted and evil bastards. Fuck the lawyers who don’t understand the lives they are ripping apart, and the souls they are crushing and the menace they are letting go free.

Fuck the doctors who can’t do their own fucking jobs and so come out on the streets in protest (against a government too busy in its own protests), so that the hospitals are empty and there is no one in the emergency to save the little girl and heal her, as she breathes her last in her mother’s arms.

Fuck the people who have an issue with saying FUCK, because fuck them, and fuck everyone who thinks that holding in frustration and releasing everything through passive aggression and diplomacy is how the world should function, and how every emotion should be hidden and objectivity and rationality should be the fucking endpoint of the world and the means to reach it too, even though they couldn’t be rational enough to discern between their biases and reality.

Fuck the people who think that just because you believe in happiness, you shall be happy, and that if you’re not happy that’s because your belief system isn’t good enough. Fuck the Maulvis and Priests and Rabbis and Pastors and everyone else who does the exact same thing but under the guise of religion.

Fuck the people who brainwash the little kids who trust them and look up to them and who want to grow up to be them some day, because they think the masters know religion and are close to God; fuck these sick minds who brainwash children into becoming radicals, and who brainwash masses and hordes and convince them to blow themselves up, only so that they can live a life of pleasure right here, right now – they’re just fucking fireworks to them.

Fuck the people who have poisoned our fruits and meat and vegetables by injecting hormones into it and making it grow faster, so that they can increase their production so that they can make more money. They don’t care how many people fall ill, or all the harmful effects of any of this, so long as they see green, so fuck them and their hormones.
Fuck hormones generally too.

Fuck the person who made nuclear bombs. Fuck the person who made drones and tanks and guns. Fuck the people who think war solves anything. Fuck the people who don’t see how we’ve been here before and who are so fucking adamant on making the same fucking stupid decisions all over again, just to fulfill their own fucking egos.

Fuck the two-faced people, who pretend to be one thing to your face and are another thing in your absence. Fuck the people who betray their friends to be friends with you, and then betray you to be friends with your enemies. Fuck them for ruining everyone’s lives for the sake of their own entertainment.

Fuck the materialistic culture, filled with materialistic things and objects and concepts. Fuck the replacement of ideals and ideas with shiny, glittery, new, handcrafted products, because they are the true asset you own, and not the fucking grey matter between your ears.

Fuck the aunties whose only job is to care about your marriage, and when you ask them who they have in mind, they show up with mugshots of their family members, or some random stranger they saw running in the park that morning. Fuck these aunties and their gossip sessions and fuck all the parents that put their children through hell for the sake of pseudo moralists such as these. And fuck the fucking culture of making everything about a son’s education and daughter’s marriage, as if the daughter doesn’t have an equal fucking right to good, quality, accessible education!

Fuck the system, the world, everything it now stands for, everything it has become and everything it is on the verge of becoming.

Fuck our generation and the “hope” they are and the “future” that they are and the “change” they are responsible for, because all this generation can fucking do is lay on their butts all day long feeling entitled to good jobs and money and cars and a raise and a better pay and more money and more facilities. Fuck them for thinking the world owes them shit.

Fuck the people who bully other people and who make fun of other people’s disabilities. Fuck the people for their apathy and their lack of empathy and their lack of understanding of how other people live their lives and for their lack of understanding regarding all the things that other people might be going through. Fuck the people who don’t understand, but fuck harder the people who don’t want to or feel they are not responsible for their fellow human beings or for contributing to effecting positive change in their communities.

Fuck the people who think the rules aren’t for them and that they’re above the law, that they can drive by and knock you off the road, that they can stop the traffic with an ambulance in its midst just so that they can pass and that they’re the ones whose lives are in danger when it’s their people who die every single time a bomb goes off. Fuck them and their hyper-inflated egos and their dehydrated, shriveled up minds.

Just. Fuck it. Fuck this shit.

Shipwrecked Treasure

A cat walks nimbly in the dark of night

Pitch black surroundings with reflective eyes

Deafening silence as the screams emerge

But die out within, quietly unheard


The perfect image of a shipwrecked treasure

As it washes up on the overcast shore

There is much more for you to notice

You are not who you were before


Rainbows and butterflies, leprechauns and fairies

Your belief system does not entertain

But the dying expression of a newborn child

As he yearns for his mother’s refrain


You seek the truth, wherever it is

And no matter how deep you must go

The result you are sure will be worth it

For knowledge does power hold


The reality of this life is upon all lost

Except for those who can truly see

You ask for a mark for those who notice

‘Tired eyes and half-remembered dreams’