The Impossibility of Love

Find me a maiden
Wrap her in snow
Wait till it melts
She’ll scream to let go

Find me Her Highness
Rebel and lost
Give me five minutes
Before ashes are dust

Find me a hammer
Hold it to my head
Raise it and aim it
Internal guns shoot instead

Paranoia deep within my bones
Calcium deplete and muscles of stone
Fire in my veins; wanderlust engrained
The hammer dammit – perpetual raise of mane

Adrenaline rush, goosebumps replete
No end in sight — there’s no release
My problem is me, my problem is yours
Dear lowest bidder, I don’t know your score

And how can I trust you?
If you won’t even listen
Love is impossible
With no hammer bruise hither.


Find me one just like you
Flick my wrist: bippity-boo
You say no but I still say yes
I’m hanging on to this dying thought

4pm Sunday Blues Time
Waiting outside the cherry tree
Waiting in line to see a sign
I’m even dressed nicely for you

One cigarette won’t hurt anymore
4am and one cigarette more
Craving’s not for nicotine, my love
But what if you are not what I promised myself?

(Written on the 29th of November, 2015)

Back to the Womb Pt. 1

Look all around and you will see and find
All the things that keep choking my mind
Suffocate me inside out and behind
And leave me stranded, myself beside

Keep me chained, in my little trailer
The confines shattered, the view entwined
My soul shaking, earthquakes raking
The fallen leaves from the wreckage of the night

Yesteryear was too long ago
Lightyears ahead and stamina blown
Guts spilled and heart encroached
Fetal position, one, two, three, go